Monday, February 04, 2008

Film Academy (SJFA)

Mandeville Main Chapter
Heartease District
Mandeville P.O.
Manchester Jamaica W.I.

On February 26, 2005, the Mandeville chapter of Film Academy (SJFA) was formed. One of the visions of was to place a camera in each parish of Jamaica. This was the first initiative to make this vision a reality. Content has always been a vital part of any culture. The vision would be achieved in these seven simple steps:

- select talented individuals
- teach them the art of filmmaking
- provide them with equipment
- have them create a local market for their product
- establish a budget after successful sales
- purchase their own equipment
- learn and have fun while producing meaningful content
archiving the culture & heritage of Jamaica.

“If I can teach young adults in Jamaica to produce & market their own content locally, they will then develop a self-reliant sense of purpose. They will learn how to use Media as a means to create jobs within their community and later for major media outlets. This content will be stored on the Internet and will never be erased. The future children abroad and locally will benefit from this movement. Content will be available for access in the next 300+ years”.

Rondie Pottinger