Friday, February 08, 2008

Spotlight on Trench Town

The film academy has released their first short film to expose living conditions in Trench Town Jamaica. This film was produced for the Trench Town Development Association.


Anonymous said...


Hey man, you made a great video. The film work was smooth. The people were real and beautiful - you did a great job of showing what life is like there. It is an important message for the Disneyland States of America to hear. Most Americans think Jamaica is all Club Med. The reality is much more cruel.

The world needs more people to stand up for Jamaica and by enabling the next generation to tell their story, you have done a great act. You are a good man.

Of course you know that you are now responsible for seeing this through to the end. You wanted the job of Saving Jamaica and you are stuck with it now, my brother!

Peace and Courage 4 the Good Fight.


Unknown said...

Where did this project stand at the moment?
How can we help?
Leo? Anyone?